Other Resources

To learn more about the Orthodox Christian Faith, please take a look at the following helpful links:

  • Our Archdiocese: Antiochian Archdiocese of North America
    • See what other parishes around our Archdiocese are doing, learn more about our Metropolitan, and read both national and international church news.
  • Journey to Orthodoxy
    • Are you making a journey yourself? Perhaps soul searching? Or were you born into the Orthodox Faith and are interesting in reading the stories of people who have converted from all accross the world? This site is for you!
  • Ancient Faith Radio
    • Listen to various podcasts and lectures from priests and laypersons accross the globe. You'll be able to access Orthodox music, as well as spiritual nuggets and nourishment throughout your day. 
  • Patristic Nectar Publications
    • A wide variety of patristic works available in audio form, as well as commentary, engaging homilies by Fr Josiah Trenham, and pertinent talks by our monks, bishops, and laypersons concerning the spiritual life in today's world.
  • Death to the World
    • A 'zine and online presence for teens and young adults who are entrapped in music scenes and subculture and are looking for truth in a dark world in uncertain times.